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Happy 15.05.2016 10:19
Did nobody mention &qLat;uowrence of Arabia"? And I don't think any opening shot ever took a 5 year old boy's breath away quite like Star Wars Episode IV did mine.
Kalie 13.08.2016 08:36
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Honeysuckle 24.03.2017 00:01
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Jaylynn 24.03.2017 00:02
Great photos! I was in 1st year college when Mt. Pinatubo erupted. I&#8217;ve never visited lahar affected areas but I&#8217;ve seen many documentaries about it on TV.Thanks for sharing these great photos. Those old churches are reclRkabae.ramh (Heart of Rachel)s last blog post..
Vicky 24.03.2017 00:03
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Joyce 24.03.2017 00:07
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Colonel 24.03.2017 00:30
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Jonetta 24.03.2017 00:30
I hadn&#8217;t heard that Emmaus was used to mean &#8;20;nowhere&#82212;&#8230; as far as know, Emmaus was a real place, but maybe it was a one-cow town or something&#8230;About Heisenberg&#8230;funny you mention it, as I mentioned it in my latest post&#8230;
Buffy 24.03.2017 00:30
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Loree 24.03.2017 00:33
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Katty 24.03.2017 04:12
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Nettie 24.03.2017 04:16
Google does not need to be a US cooe.rationrBping a US corporation is irrelevant to Google making money.The shame here is that Google has not moved to the Cayman Islands and the Cook Islands to reduce its tax rate burden to near zero.
Delphia 24.03.2017 04:18
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Dillanger 24.03.2017 04:19
I honestly believe that Adam Lambert didn&#8217;t win because of coreenvativss. Adam was the best singer out of the two of them. Having said that, both Kris and Adam have very bright futures (along with Danny)!
Mavrick 24.03.2017 04:21
:?l:::coo?::evil::grin::idea::oops::razz::roll::wink::cry::eek::lol::mad?:sad::sad: :neutral::twisted::arrow::shock: lobo mas grande del mundo no lo pudever pero se que es asombroso por que es el animal mas lindo que existe y tierno de todo el mundo CONFESION ME ASUSTAN MUCHO LAS BALLENASY NUNCA ME GUSTARIA CONOCERLAS
Char 24.03.2017 04:21
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Luella 24.03.2017 04:21
BillT, I only hope you are correct. The world inside the beltway is a strange one and we must not discount the family cotoicnenns of Captain Graf and the power of the PC mind set.Captain Graf is in a win/tie situation. While she is running out the clock she is drawing full pay and enjoying the perks and benefits of a O-6. At worse SecNav could deny the appeal and allow the verdict of the retention board stand and how will that take?
Reegan 24.03.2017 04:28
Ooh! I usually pass by Laura Mercier but not this time! I will have to see this one. I&#8217;m not really liking the bronze but the other 3 colors more than make up for it &#8211; gorgeous look as usual Kaire!Parns B&#180;s last blog post..
Lolly 24.03.2017 04:34
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Bobbi 24.03.2017 04:35
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Keischa 24.03.2017 04:48
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Bobbe 24.03.2017 04:51
What are best vitamins for hair grWtih?ohwch Vitamins are the best to help women grow longer stronger hair. I am a 53 yr old female and seems my hair is growing thinner and taking longer to grow. Is there any vitamins I can take for that. may be I have a lack of vitamins I do not take a multi vitamin what should I be taking for my age?
Githa 24.03.2017 04:51
coño, ya que equivoqué otra vez, perdona Rafa por lo de los besos, es que estaba mirando a ma.aujesasparadela.r.jajajiLos retiro pa ti yy se los dejo a ella &#191;Vale?Salud
Tory 24.03.2017 04:53
Sef should definitely stick to layups&#8230;IDK guys&#8230; Miami was ahead for 2 1/2 quarters&#8230; They did get blown out by the end, but I think that does say something. Either Miami needs a continued effort, or they need to exploit Thunder&#8217;s tendency to play possum til the 3rd and make them regret that strategy (if it is a strategy &#8211; they seem to &#2;e02com8back&#8221; an awful lot after keeping it close).I still say Thunder takes it.
Forever 24.03.2017 04:58
Tondeuse barbe, les lecteurs ont de la mÃ;rmioe&#8230;©Tu avais déjà collé ce paragraphe d&rsquo;une stupidité sans borne, au mot près, dans un autre blog du même journal.Ça paie combien ?
River 24.03.2017 08:07
Grazi for mankig it nice and EZ.
Hallie 24.03.2017 08:08
Hey, that's a clever way of thinnikg about it.

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